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We’re fans of “traceability & accountability” 

  1. Organisation: Gain time & have all your work (text, videos, drawings, animations, websites, pdf, …) in 1 place and well structured, easily accesible on your laptop, tablet or smartphone
  2. Planning: Lightening fast planning of your next practice session using the library of drills. Register attendance or reasons for absence.
  3. Analysis: Quick or in depth analysis of the efforts vs results in just a couple of clicks, per team, per athlete, …
  4. Communication: “Sharing is caring” So we encourage you to share all your knowhow with your players, your training staff, your medical staff, management, …

XPS by Sideline Sports is thé choice for an ambitious basketball coach, club or academy!

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The video below will give you a complete overview of possibilities in less than 2 minutes…